Make optimal use of your rooms and lecture halls.

Create compact timetables that benefit your staff and students.


Schedule mandatory classes conflict-free.

Avoid temporal overlap between electives and common combinations of classes.


From transit times to lunch breaks, various additional conditions can be considerd.


Availabilities and requests by lecturers are considered.

Teaching staff put in their weekly availabilities. Additionally, they can request specific time slots for each class.

Moreover, lecturers can state their preferred rooms and the required room equipment for their classes.

The system will notify the user if he or she creates conflicts in this step, e.g., by requesting class times outside the respective teacher's availabilities.

After the data has been entered into the system, our algorithm computes the optimal schedule and room allocation. This happens globally, for the entire faculty or university at once (i.e., for all study programs at the same time). Thus, mutual dependencies of the programs do not pose a problem.

All conditions like transit times and period patterns are considered fully automatically.

You can simulate various scenarios to guarantee smooth operations during construction, external events, etc.

Once the timetable is created, it can be exported to your campus management system automatically.

You can make manual alterations to the schedule. An intelligent adjustment view prevents you from overbooking rooms or creating new time conflicts in the process.