Make it easy for students, employees and guests to find classes and events.


Students can create their personal timetables, view them online or export them as a calendar file


Intelligent search masks and filters allow you to find appropriate rooms for the classes you'd like to schedule. The system will also inform you about potential curricular conflicts.


Distribute and time access to centrally as well as decentrally managed rooms using the elaborate rights management system.

Make it easy for all stake-holders to find classes and events in a unified university calendar

Look for classes by browsing through the university's organizational structure, its programs and its rooms, or use the text search.

Present the offered classes and programs according to your needs. Create individual labels, e.g. for topics or languages of instruction.

Your students can create their personal timetable, view it online or download it to their phone, computer or tablet as a calendar file.

No matter if rooms are booked centrally or decentrally at your school: With our course catalogue & room booking solution, your facilities are managed efficiently.

Whether you'd like to change individual class dates or rooms, find appropriate space for an event, plan new courses or even entire new programs—our software will enable you to comfortably accomplish your task.

You can define your date and time requirements and look for vacant rooms suitable for a one-time event or a regularly occuring one. The system lets you filter the results by properties such as size and equipment. Use the transparent search mechanism to find partly vacant rooms and make optimal use of your resources.

Integrate other MathPlan solutions into the course catalogue. Transfer course and examination timetables with just one click and thus host the entire timetabling process from the automatic scheduling to changes on short notice in just one piece of software.

You're using another system? No problem: We're happy to help with the data import!