Use the available rooms optimally and assign tutors and TAs in a favorable way.


Rule out temporal conflicts with classes of the same program.


Students can state their preferred times and form groups that are assigned to the same tutorial if possible.


Availabilities of your teaching staff are considered.

First, teaching staff state which tutorials and labs they wish to organize in the coming semester. For each class, they input the number of groups and their targeted size.

Additionally, they can name their preferred rooms and give an account of how many classes can be held simultaneously per timeslot.

In a second step, students enroll and give their preferred times for tutorials.

Furthermore, they can form small groups which will be assigned to the same class by our algorithm, if at all possible.

Once teaching staff and students have entered their data, the MathPlan optimization algorithm matches prospective times and classrooms according to the stated preferences.

All conditions are considered automatically. Where possible, the students' requests are met.

As a result, tutorials and laboratories are integrated seamlessly into the existing timetables and room plans.

The distribution of students to classes can be adjusted manually where necessary.

After a final check, the timetables are published automatically in the campus management system of your universtiy.