Make optimal use of the available rooms and reliably plan all examinations in the designated exam period.


Schedule exams of mandatory classes conflict-free.

Avoid temporal overlap between exams for electives and common combinations of classes.


Define minimum buffer periods between exams to help your students with their preparations.


The teaching staff's preferences are taken into account.

Teaching staff communicate which exams are held this semester and how many participants are expected.

Furthermore, they can give their preferences regarding rooms and dates and name the maximum number of rooms they can monitor at the same time.

The system helps you meet the specific requirements of every program. You can define minimum preparation times between consecutive exams and impose additional constraints to avoid temporal overlap even with electives or common combinations of classes.

Once the data input has been completed, your exam timetable including room assignments is calculated. All parameters are considered fully automatically.

The optimization runs globally, for the entire university with all its study programs at once. Thus, mutual dependencies in between programs do not pose a problem.

You can simulate various scenarios to try different time frames for your exam timetable and to plan for construction, big events or other external factors impacting room availablilities.

The final examination schedule can be exported to your campus management system.

You can use our intelligent adjustment view to manually modify the timetable if necessary. It helps you make alterations without overbooking rooms or creating conflicts in the process.